Meditation has many benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually. When you dedicate yourself to a meditation practice, you will realize that your mind inherently possesses more strength and stability than you ever knew. When you become more in tune with this stability, you begin to see the world and your place in it more clearly. Regularly tapping into this inner strength keeps you more grounded and less effected by life’s daily struggles and stress.

The Buddha is said to have named two key mental traits that emerge through a dedicated meditation practice:

  • serenity or tranquilitypillows
  • insight

Experiencing serenity through meditation gives us the ability to release the negative thoughts and feelings that can keep our minds cloudy. Letting go of these blocks leads us to greater insight which in turn brings us greater wisdom.

Want to learn how to meditate? Or continue your meditation practice with the guidance of experienced teachers? Join us at Hartford KTC Tuesdays at 7 p.m. for a meditation and Dharma discussion. A meditation instructor can offer you guidance on how to apply techniques when meditating, provide encouragement and inspiration and answer any questions you may have about your meditation practice.

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